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Adrien Delamarre is a french solo acoustic guitar player, composer and guitar teacher based in Lausanne, Switzerland. His passion for the guitar started from a very young age and never left him, this led him to explore many different aesthetics and to travel Europe looking for the best teachers. He studied classical guitar in France in Orléans Conservatoire with Gérard Abiton before falling in love with modern fingerstyle guitar and its virtuosic techniques. He went on to study with the most accomplished players in the genre such as Jon Gomm, Thomas Leeb or Don Ross traveling to different countries to attend concerts, workshops and masterclasses.

Following a desire to explore modern harmony and develop a wider skill set he graduated from a Jazz guitar performance Bachelor from Leeds College of Music UK in 2020. He is now working on his first album of guitar compositions while studying a guitar pedagogy master's at HEMU Lausanne. He is also the co creator of the COMPOSITION Guitar Academy, an online school teaching modern fingerstyle guitar and composition.


He performs his compositions on acoustic, twelve strings and baritone guitar bringing his audience to his musical universe full of timeless passion and intimate love for the instrument.

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