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To stay close to the classrooms and in the heart of Montreux, we offer a NON-MANDATORY accommodation package in single or double rooms.

The rooms are situated in various buildings of the HIM Business School. They are designed to provide the comfort and privacy you need for studying or relaxation. The location of your accommodation will be assigned closest to the camp and based on the order of registration. We cannot guarantee placement in the same building as the classrooms.

Our aim is to provide you with an affordable accommodation option in Montreux, and thus,

we do not mark up our accommodation offer.

Please note that HIM Business School does NOT provide breakfast. However, you will find bakeries, cafes, or shops just a stone's throw away from your accommodation.

Room HM-406 1.jpeg

Simple room
CHF 95.- / night

  • 1 x single bed

  • 1 x safe

  • 1 x desk & chair

  • 1 x wardrobe

  • 1 x private bathroom

Room HM-301 2.jpeg

Double room
CHF 64.- / night

  • 2 x single beds

  • 2 x safes

  • 2 x desks & chairs

  • 2 x wardrobes

  • 1 x private bathroom

The location of your accommodation will be defined as closest to the camp and depending on the order of registration, we cannot guarantee your place in the same building as the classes.

Non-contractual images. Price subject to modification by the partner.

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